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The Domino Effect of Healthy Living

There's a domino effect that is taking place in my clean and healthy lifestyle that I did not anticipate.  I've slowly begun the process of sorting through my clothes.  I'm pulling clothes that are too big, or perhaps that don't fit my fashion style any longer, or that are no longer age appropriate.  The up side of losing weight is having an excuse to buy new clothes.  The down side is that you're spending lots of money for clothes that you won't be using for very long if you're on a weight loss journey that gradually moves from size to size, so hopefully you won't become too attached to any of those new clothes.  But I digress.
Back to the domino effect.  This closet cleaning has rippled to organizing other areas of my life now.  I'm sorting through my books, my photos, cleaning and organizing our house more so than usual.  It feels really good and I can't help but wonder if this happens to others who have slowly undergone physical transformatio…