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Weekend in Review - Week 36 update

This warm, sunny weekend Kurt and I went to Travel Town Museum in Burbank.  It's a cool place for hosting a kid's birthday party, and some of the trains can be reserved for parties.  It's also free to the general public with some great historical and educational exhibits.  The last time I went to Travel Town was in seventh grade with my good friend Robbi and her family.  It was all a blur except for the cute boy we flirted with in the parking lot.  That's all we talked about the whole ride home...girls, what can I say?

Afterwards we stopped by IKEA, had Swedish meatballs and chicken florentine for lunch, then we walked around the store and found some cool household items like plastic wine glasses.  That will come in handy this summer.  So an order of 10 Swedish meatballs includes mashed potatoes, gravy, and ligonberry sauce.  We were pretty good about not eating all of the mashed potatoes, but we did have wouldn't be complete without just a few bites.  T…

Nutrition & Meal Plan | Erin Stern's Elite Body 4-Week Fitness Plan

I like all of the helpful tips from Erin Stern in this Body Building video.  I take exception to the macronutrient ratio she recommends of 40-40-20 (carbs, proteins, fats).  Speaking from personal experience, I honestly believe everyone has their own ratio that works best for them, but it certainly is a good starting point for at least 50% of the general population.  Mine happens to be 20-25-55 right now (20% carbs, 25% protein, and 55% fat).  And I should also mention that I'm not a body builder, so that could be another reason why the 40-40-20 does not work for me.  But the video is worth watching...had to share.