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Our Weight Loss Journey - Pictures and Progress

Some of the best inspiration to keep me motivated and on track has been pictures.  I had no desire to get in photos in my shape, but somehow Kurt and I took some photos this past summer one month before getting serious about our weight loss goals.  These photos were taken in July 2015.  We each weighed about 220 lbs. here.  We actually were good about taking some walks and hikes last summer but had not yet started clean and healthy eating habits.  I ate Doritos way too often when I'd get home from work and usually wanted to eat out for dinner too often.  And anytime we grilled, we had to have at least one beer.  At least.  So there were a lot of eating habits that we needed to slowly change over time.  It all began in mid-August around our anniversary.  Looking back, I still am impressed by how much healthy change we have embraced.  Changes certainly do not happen overnight, and they certainly are not easy to sustain.  Habits take time to develop and grow before they become automa…

Week 32 Update

My vision when I started this blog in September was that I would post progress pictures, healthy food recipes, tips and tricks to developing some lifelong healthy habits, and my exercise routines.  It might take a while to get up and running though because I have not yet set aside a regular time to dedicate to posting.  I think the difficult part of getting started is deciding how much time I will focus on blog updates.  Once I commit myself to a certain amount of time, then I think my posts will be more consistent.
So now onto Week 32 update:  this morning’s weigh in was at 167 lbs.  This is a total of 53 lbs. lost since mid-August 2015.  I’m currently size 13/14.  Mid-March also marks the official start of strength training for Kurt and myself.  We plan on strength training 3 times/week for 30-45 minutes and walking 3 miles 3 times/week.  What I think is pretty remarkable is that our approach to eating whole foods and ensuring that our carbs are healthy/complex carbs has brought us t…