The Domino Effect of Healthy Living

There's a domino effect that is taking place in my clean and healthy lifestyle that I did not anticipate.  I've slowly begun the process of sorting through my clothes.  I'm pulling clothes that are too big, or perhaps that don't fit my fashion style any longer, or that are no longer age appropriate.  The up side of losing weight is having an excuse to buy new clothes.  The down side is that you're spending lots of money for clothes that you won't be using for very long if you're on a weight loss journey that gradually moves from size to size, so hopefully you won't become too attached to any of those new clothes.  But I digress.

Back to the domino effect.  This closet cleaning has rippled to organizing other areas of my life now.  I'm sorting through my books, my photos, cleaning and organizing our house more so than usual.  It feels really good and I can't help but wonder if this happens to others who have slowly undergone physical transformations.  Losing weight and having better fitting clothes has motivated and inspired me to reflect that inner self-care of my healthy eating habits in an outward manner.  I've somehow come to a point in my weight loss journey where my inner transformation is changing the way I think about reflecting that increased self-esteem and self-respect in my outward presentation and in my living environment in a way that reflects my personality and style, which by the way I still have not finalized - chic, elegant, and simple do come to mind though.  I'm taking time in my daily and weekly routines to caring for my hair and skin (less heat for my hair and more coconut oil for my skin and hair).  I'm taking time to think about organizing and planning my outfits for the work week and for the gym.  I'm taking more time to read about health, nutrition and strength training.  I'm taking time to journal each week to set weekly and monthly goals, not just for weight loss and strength training, but also for financial planning goals.

Had I known that a simple change in developing healthier eating habits would have a ripple effect like this, I might have embarked on this journey earlier in life.  It's never too late to begin that journey.  I encourage you to begin today if you haven't already done so.  Don't be surprised if your life slowly begins to transform.  I also encourage you to read Charles Duhigg's book "The Power of Habit."  It has helped me reevaluate all of my habits and routines, and slowly replace old/bad habits with new/healthier habits from my morning routine to running errands on the weekends, from my daily/weekly routine at work to the amount and frequency of time spent with family, friends, and hobbies/crafts.  I have used my personal goals, values and priorities as the guiding principles for deciding how my time and money are spent.  Have you taken time to reevaluate how you invest your time and money lately?  I encourage you to take inventory of what really matters in your life - Faith, Family, Fitness and Friends.  Those are mine.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.


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