Snack of the Week - Yogurt and Almond Butter

This week's favorite snack item was Dannon Oikos Mixed Berry with some homemade almond butter.  The creamy texture of the yogurt reminds me of rich cheesecake, and the almond butter reminds me of a rich, buttery graham cracker crumbles, so I feel like I'm having dessert!  And it's ohh so good for me.  What's not to love?  We recently got a Sam's Club membership and I was so excited to see they had an 18 variety pack of Dannon Triple Zero in both Strawberry and Mixed Berry.  Kurt and I like both.  This week was also the first time I tried making almond butter in my food processor.  More pictures of that next week.  It's super easy and I get to decide how much sweetener to add and what kind - maple syrup, Stevia, honey, or just plain.  Love it!  It does take a few minutes to get creamy, so patience is key.  Happy Friday and I'll see you soon.


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