Healthy at EVERY Size

This month I'm looking forward to reading Linda Bacon's book "Healthy at EVERY Size."  It will serve to reinforce in my mind how a healthy lifestyle is attainable at every stage of my weight loss journey and that plateaus like this past month are a natural part of human biology.  I truly appreciate all of the literature that is available to me to increase my understanding of how my body works.  

This website "What is Healthy at Every Size" has really helpful advise that puts so many things into perspective.  Some of the best advise includes:

  1. Accepting your size
  2. Trusting your body when it tells you its hungry
  3. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits
  4. Embracing size diversity
I love the affirmations from Dr. Bacon that they summarize at the end:
  • Today I will feed myself when I'm hungry
  • Today I will be attentive to how food taste and make me feel
  • Today I will choose food that I like and make me feel good
  • Today I will honor my body's signals of fullness
  • Today I will find an enjoyable way to  move my body
  • Today I will accept how my body looks and treat it with love and respect.

Have a wonderful and bless day!


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