Weekend in Review - Week 36 update

This warm, sunny weekend Kurt and I went to Travel Town Museum in Burbank.  It's a cool place for hosting a kid's birthday party, and some of the trains can be reserved for parties.  It's also free to the general public with some great historical and educational exhibits.  The last time I went to Travel Town was in seventh grade with my good friend Robbi and her family.  It was all a blur except for the cute boy we flirted with in the parking lot.  That's all we talked about the whole ride home...girls, what can I say?

Afterwards we stopped by IKEA, had Swedish meatballs and chicken florentine for lunch, then we walked around the store and found some cool household items like plastic wine glasses.  That will come in handy this summer.  So an order of 10 Swedish meatballs includes mashed potatoes, gravy, and ligonberry sauce.  We were pretty good about not eating all of the mashed potatoes, but we did have some...it wouldn't be complete without just a few bites.  This definitely was a cheat meal.

So this week's snacks besides boiled eggs and protein bars (Questbar, Atkins, and Combat Crunch) will be Persian cucumbers with Tajin and Chamoy sauce.  I absolutely love this crunchy and spicy snack.  The fact that it's only 10 calories per cucumber is even more of a treat.  So delicious!

And I didn't do much protein meal prepping this weekend.  I went the easy route and bought two Costco Seasoned Rotisserie Chickens.  Here is my breakfast, lunch and snacks for today:  greek yogurt with berries and a banana; lunch is romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and Costco rotisserie chicken; and my snacks are boiled eggs and cucumber slices.

As you can see, I did prep my breakfast yogurts.  I'm currently mixing 3 oz. of Fage Total 0% greek yogurt and 3 oz. of Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla yogurt and 3-4 oz. of mixed berries.  Then when I'm ready to eat breakfast, I'll dice either 1/2 banana or up to a whole banana in with the yogurt and berries, depending on how hungry I feel.

This weekend I also made a healthier version of carrot cake muffins (source: Martha Stewart Living, 2007) The modifications I made were: substitute all-purpose flour with sprouted white wheat flour and whole wheat flour, reduce the sugar by half, and sub in some erythritol as well, and use whipped cream cheese instead of buttercream frosting.  All other ingredients for a low-carb version didn't need substituting.  Pretty tasty.

And last but not least, I think I have enough Converse now for strength training days at the gym.  I have to say, it's a great shoe for strength training - it has good grip and is flat.
That's it for this week.  Stay tuned for next week when I post some photos of my weight loss calendar, some of My Fitness Pal entries and how to make chicken pancakes.  Hope you're having a healthy and productive week so far!


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