Week 32 Update

My vision when I started this blog in September was that I would post progress pictures, healthy food recipes, tips and tricks to developing some lifelong healthy habits, and my exercise routines.  It might take a while to get up and running though because I have not yet set aside a regular time to dedicate to posting.  I think the difficult part of getting started is deciding how much time I will focus on blog updates.  Once I commit myself to a certain amount of time, then I think my posts will be more consistent.

So now onto Week 32 update:  this morning’s weigh in was at 167 lbs.  This is a total of 53 lbs. lost since mid-August 2015.  I’m currently size 13/14.  Mid-March also marks the official start of strength training for Kurt and myself.  We plan on strength training 3 times/week for 30-45 minutes and walking 3 miles 3 times/week.  What I think is pretty remarkable is that our approach to eating whole foods and ensuring that our carbs are healthy/complex carbs has brought us this far - without the use of diet pills, surgery, counting points, buying special food, or having a gym membership.  We have a gym membership now, but it's more like a reward for us after losing 50 pounds each.  Now that we've shed a lot of fat, it seems like the next step would be to begin strength training and building muscle.  And it's something I actually look forward to doing.

Kurt and I went to my niece’s wedding this beautiful Easter weekend.  It was so nice to be with family and friends.  The bride and groom looked stunning, the reception was so elegant, the decorative details were very much a reflection of my niece’s personality and meticulous taste.  We were so happy to share this special moment with them.  Best wishes to Jessica and Allan. 

So this weekend brings up a good first topic for balancing healthy living and special occasions.  How did we do this weekend?  Well, we both actually maintained our weight even though we did a lot of driving and not a lot of exercise for the 3 day out-of-town trip.  We had our usual breakfast every morning – which is Oikos Triple Zero yogurt and/or Quaker oatmeal.  I usually have mine with bananas and berries.  Kurt usually opts for the strawberry Oikos and we both like the Quaker instant plain oatmeal or the elusive banana bread.  Still searching for packets with banana bread only.  They only come in variety packs right now.  But I digress.  For lunch on the road, we chose the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with a Diet Dr. Pepper and shared a side salad.  We ate only one slice of bread, so that cut down on refined carbs while keeping our protein intake unchanged.  And for dinner we each had a sandwich with coleslaw.  For Saturday we had our usual breakfast again.  Then we had Chick Fil-A for lunch – Kurt had the original sandwich and I had their new Spicy Southwest Salad.  My meal prepping this week was a recreation of their Southwest salad - romaine, corn, black beans, tomatoes, cheese, and chicken.  I added ranch dressing, avocado salsa and a sprinkle of Trader Joe's taco seasoning.  I'll post more details on the recipes for the dressing and salsa because this salad is worth sharing.

I wonder how we were able to maintain our weight with little exercise this weekend.   Perhaps it's our bodies ability to handle a few more carbs during the week now that we're strength training and exercising regularly.  This is great news for those times when we really feel like having a sandwich or some rice/noodles with Chinese takeout.  And I've noticed that it seems to work well for us when we combine those carbs with high protein and high fiber in the same meal.  


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