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Clean and Healthy Living - Week 6

This morning marks 20 lbs. I have now lost in the last six weeks of taking steps to living a healthier life.  The last six weeks of healthy eating and some exercising have been like nothing else I have tried in the past.  I do not get hungry.  I snack between meals.  I eat more volume of food now than I did  in the past using diet pills or quick fix diets.  Listening to Gary Taubes’ and Robert Lustig’s  videos on You Tube about obesity, fat accumulation, and the role of insulin in storing glucose in fat cells make sense and have helped to frame my approach to carbohydrates, proteins and fats and their role in a healthy, balanced diet.  It's so clear from a hormonal and biological perspective the reasons why the Western American diet has failed for the last fifty years - too many refined carbohydrates like flour and sugar.
Kurt and I have taken steps to avoid refined starches and sugars in our diet.  We have switched from drinking sodas to drinking mainly water, carbonated water, te…